DiveAtlas is an indispensable research tool for your dive travel planning.  We provide dive travel information from every corner of the globe.  This information continues to grow thanks to our faithful supporters.  You can read more about what you can find at this site below, or dive into the deep resources by using the map.  Good luck, and good diving!

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Baja California Sur Exploration, 2001

Return to Cabo Pulmo, 2002

Baja Mexico

DiveAtlas.com in Bonaire, 2001

Scuba Diving Trip Reports

The trip report or travelogue section makes of the majority of the content at DiveAtlas.  Scuba divers from around the world have agreed to share their scuba diving travel trip reports for your benefit.  What dive operator should you use?  What dive site is the best?  What vacation rental, villa or hotel should I stay at?  These trip reports can help you find the answers to these questions, free from the tarnished recommendations provided by many Scuba magazines, and best of all, free of charge!  Submit your trip report today or use the map to find the answers to your questions

Detailed Map and Destination Information

This section will usually provide you a map of the region as well as a link to a web site with a good overview of the basic facts about the area.  This will help get you oriented, but if you are looking for detailed information, read the trip reports or purchases a good travel guide.

Travel Books

This section details scuba and travel related books specific to the region.  Although we think the trip reports and travelogues provide a good base of information, there is no substitute for a good book.  A good book will let you in on insider secrets, show you how to get that great dive site, give you details on lodgings and accommodations, and educate you on the history and culture of the destinations you are traveling to.  We feel that a well rounded vacation is important.  Don't spend all your time diving.  Get out and experience the destination.  A good travel book will help you do that.  Send us your book recommendations.  We are always looking to add to our collection.


This section provides region specific links of our choosing.  These may be links to specials available at DiveAtlas.com, or just links to sites that we find interesting and useful.  We are constantly adding to our link database, so please send us your favorite links.  You will also find links to our photo albums in this section.  These are photos taken by DiveAtlas staff members or our faithful scuba diving supporters.  Share your photos with the DiveAtlas community.

What's Happening on DiveAtlas Today?

We are starting to incorporate discussions into all of the trip reports on DiveAtlas.com.  We hope to include discussions on all the reports soon.  Below is a list of pages with the most recent discussions.  Click on the link to take you thereDatabase Results Wizard Error
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From the Archives

Galapagos Aggressor II, 2001

Little Cayman, Pirate's Point, 1999

French Polynesia Sailing Adventure, 1998

Negril, Jamaica Honeymoon, 1997

Submit your trip report today.  If we like it, we'll make it a featured report.

We hope you find the DiveAtlas a valuable travel resource for your scuba diving travel plans.  We welcome your comments and ideas on how we can improve our site.  Please let us know what you think.

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