Web Development Services

DiveAtlas Web Publishing can put together a package that will give you what you need.  From comprehensive vacation rental web sites to one page web sites that provide a web presence, I will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

High Quality, Low Price

DiveAtlas Web Publishing offers web development services at a reasonable price.  The overhead is very low making high quality web sites affordable to any customer.  From the extremely simple one page web site to the multi-layered web sites with database driven content, it can be designed for you at a price that is not going to break the bank.

Specializing in Vacation Rental Web Sites

DiveAtlas Web Publishing specializes in developing web sites for Vacation Rentals.  Our love of travel, and experience in this industry help to develop web sites that work well for vacation rental owners and their customers.  We are open to taking free nights as a form of payment giving you a virtually free web site.  This lets us take digital photographs of the property and collect local information to use on the web site.  I believe in comprehensive web sites that go beyond what others put together.  My web sites are usually full of photographs and travel information about the area.

Affordable Hosting

DiveAtlas Web Publishing will host your web site if you do not currently have a hosting service.  I can have your web site up and running in no time.  Our hosting account lets us share a server amongst all of our web sites, giving us the ability to offer customers a very competitive rate and excellent reliability.

Search Engines

Search Engine submissions are a constantly evolving task.  The best way to get your site listed is by manually submitting a search engine optimized web site to the major search engines.  Your web site will be fine tuned for search engine submission, and our pay-per-click accounts will help drive traffic to your site immediately.

Web Sites Developed by DiveAtlas Web Publishing

Please feel free to contact any of these individuals to learn more about the excellent service I can provide.

Villa Los Frailes www.bajavilla.com
My most extensive web site to date, Villa Los Frailes is a multi-layered web site.  I still work with Villa Los Frailes to update the web site content, achieve better search engine rankings, and coordinate reservation requests.  The web site features reservation request forms, comment forms, and an extensive photo gallery.
Reference Contact: Jim Schmitt

Sunny Kona Condos www.sunnykonacondos.com
Keeping with the same basic outline as Villa Los Frailes helps me keep development time down.  However, the web site features several custom touches to keep it looking independent and original.  This owner chooses to manage the web site and bookings in their entirety, highlighting the flexibility that comes with my services.
Reference Contact: Liane Christianson

Josie's Kauai Condos www.kauai-josiecondo.com/
Again, the same basic site structure helps me keep development time down.  This is actually two sites.  If you follow the link to the Kapaa property you will find an alternative color scheme.  This owner has agreed to a maintenance agreement for very small yearly fee.  I recover most of the cost in shared hosting fees as I can take advantage of shared server space.  This allows her to keep it up to date and not worry about the monthly updates, while not being locked in to a form based web management system.
Reference Contact: Josie Typoco

Wright, PLLC www.w-if.com
Wright, PLLC hired me to develop the template and menu system for their web site.  While many of the pages are still a work in progress, this illustrates the different levels of service I offer.  The owner needed a skeleton of his web site, and is going to fill in the blanks with text as he has time.  I worked closely with the owner to develop a site that met his expectations at a cost that was well worth the development time he would have spent doing it on his own.
Reference Contact: Rob Wright

VP Peri Painting Company www.vpperi.com
I worked with this company's existing logo to create a very simple one page web site.  If all you need is a web presence and some contact information, I can develop a well organized and professional web site at a very reasonable price. 
Note: This web site is no longer hosted through our services.

Email me with your web development needs.  Please try to describe what you are looking for, and I will put together a custom package that will fit your budget.

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