Oahu and Kona, 2003

Hello All, As I'm sure many of you know by now, the Big Island is tops in divings in Hawaii. Did the manta ray dive with Kona Honu Divers and have never had a better dive. Knowledgeable and friendly, I felt like I had 4 experts at my disposal.

Made the mistake of diving on Oahu -- I had a layover and couldn't wait! Had a good dive with DIVE OAHU in Honolulu. Some sea turtles but nearly much else. Visibility paled in comparison to the Big Island. But it was all completely overshadowed by a HORRIBLE experience with the low rent, scam artist owner of Captain Bruce's Dive Shop. Their owner, Fritz, swindled me and some other divers I knew of by being habitually late and then charging their credit cards anyway. Some were forcibly forced to go along on their boat or risk losing their money he had immediately charged on their cards. Others, like me, chose to go with a reputable operation and now am stuck, long after my vacation, having to file complaints with my credit card company.

Do yourself a favor, go to the Big Island for unheard-of diving and avoid the scam artists at Capt. Bruce like the plague. The water was clear and warm (79F) in late March... just perfect. Good diving!

Adam R

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