Oahu, 2003

I thought I'd share a little bit about my diving in Honolulu recently. I enjoyed learning to scuba dive in Oahu with AAA Divers and had some great instructors who took great care of me. My roommate, who has more dive experience, had a really bad experience with the people on another boat though. He dove with Captain Bruce and he said the staff didn't deliver the dives they promised and refused to let him dive a second dive that he had actually paid for when they didn't even show up to pick him up at the hotel. I guess the owner took his card info. and charged him right away. When he tried to dive a later day, he told him he would have to pay again. Sounds pretty fishy (no pun!) to me. Beware. I wanted to dive in Maui, as I heard it was better there. That is my next plan. Have fun everyone!

Carrie Schvanaveldt

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